British Director Michael Morris’ Tesla Shots Flames in Traffic, Cause Unknown

Tesla Fire Accident

LOS ANGELES: Actress Mary McCormack just shared a horrific Video of her husband’s Tesla Car shooting flames of very high intensity similar to a freaking flamethrower. Her husband, British Director Michael Morris was behind the wheel at that time, stuck in Southern Californian traffic. He came to know about the fire when few fellow motorists […]

Do You Often Buy Stuff at a Traffic Signal? Brace Yourself for a Fine Now!

buying at red light

New Delhi: If you’re often keen on buying stuff from roadside vendors or give some money to a beggar across a traffic signal, then be cautious. This is a violation of the Traffic Rules under the Motor Vehicles Act, which can invoke a fine of upto one thousand rupees (Rs.1,000) can be made. So far, […]

Beware Of The Fake Alloys! This Bentley Owner Just Learned A Lesson

Getting hold of After-market Alloy Wheels is what people do often to save money. Definitely, Alloys may give your ride a unique look, but not all aftermarket alloys are durable. Below is the case of a Bentley where aftermarket alloys didn’t do much well- The Bentley you’re seeing above was fitted with low-quality, aftermarket rims […]