2018 Maruti Suzuki Ertiga MPV Full Detailed In-Depth Review

maruti ertiga 2018 2019 in depth review-9

SUVs are really the flavour in India but one can’t forget about the MPV segment, which really consists of some great cars for the big Indian families. There’s been a little bit of action in this segment with Mahindra launching the Marazzo and now after 6 long years, Maruti have launched a brand new Ertiga. […]

10 Things That Tell If You’re Buying A Flood-Damaged Used Car

Flood Damaged car

United States has experienced way more major hurricanes than any other place in the world. The Hurricanes leaves with major damages across the places that takes several months to recover thereafter. Several vehicles also suffer being submerged in flood water resulting in damaging the electronics and computer systems of the vehicles. Understand this, that no […]

Top 10 Bad Habits That Will Ruin Your Car In The Long Run 2019

10 bad habits that will ruin your car

For most people, buying a car isn’t difficult. However, maintaining a car is the most tough job for the most. As the car starts to get older, people do not bother about it anymore. Below are some bad habits that you must cure to ensure longevity of your car.   Driving With Clutch Pressed   […]

Why People Are Still Buying The Toyota Innova Crysta – Reasons Here

innova crysta

The facelifted Toyota Innova is been in news since its launch in India. In July alone, Toyota Innova has clocked over 9,000 units which is record breaking. The facelifted Innova, termed as the Innova Crysta is been consistent in its sales figures since it was released over a year ago. Following are some of the […]

2019 Chevrolet Volt Vs 2019 Toyota Prius Prime – Detailed Review

volt prime

Electric vehicles are all set to take over the future of automobile industry. With the electric vehicles maturing faster than any other forms of vehicles, Chevrolet and Tesla now have electric cars that could set you going for more than 200 Miles on a single charge. However, some of the electric cars are still limited […]