Bollywood Celebrities Have Rover Fever | 10 Exceptional Bollywood Celebrities & Their Range Rover SUVs

akshay kumar range rover automobs

The Land Rover Range Rover Vogue offers a great Combination of luxury and performance. Right now, the number Rover Vogue range starts at Rs 1.74 crore, which makes it very very expensive and affordable for only the wealthy and the elite. No surprise, then, that the Vogue is a favorite of Indian celebrities, for example, […]

5 Bollywood Superstars And Their Vanity Vans 2019

Bollywood Vanity Van

The concept of “Vanity Van” was introduced by Manmohan Desai in India. Since then, every Bollywood star got hold of one. Vanity vans not only reflect a person’s wealth, but also is a great way of travelling comfortably and in style. Below are Vanity Vans of some of the Bollywood’s top superstars that ride in […]