John Cena’s Ultimate Car Collection Consists Of Some Heavy “Muscle”

John Cena Ford GT

“John Cena” – You’ve probably heard this name many a times till now. But what comes to your mind when you hear this word? WWE? Wrestler? Muscle? What we’re talking about here is some different kind of muscle. The “muscle” related to cars. While you cannot see John Cena, you can definitely have a look […]

This Ferrari Daytona Was Sold For A Whooping 2.2 Million USD. See How

Ferrari Daytona Auction

Discussing about the probability of finding a diamond in a garbage bin, Someone actually found a Ferrari Daytona, the one rarest of its kind decaying in an outhouse, covered up in dirt, that was left to suffer a long time ago. Here is the condition in which it was found. While most of the owners […]