Why People Are Still Buying The Toyota Innova Crysta – Reasons Here

innova crysta

The facelifted Toyota Innova is been in news since its launch in India. In July alone, Toyota Innova has clocked over 9,000 units which is record breaking. The facelifted Innova, termed as the Innova Crysta is been consistent in its sales figures since it was released over a year ago. Following are some of the […]

Why Toyota Fortuner Is Still Out-selling Other SUVs – Here’s the Reason

toyota fortuner

Toyota came out with the all-new Fortuner later in 2016. Ever since its launch, its been giving its rivals a tougher competition than ever before. The Fortuner is clocking over 2,000 units per month, out-selling every other luxury SUV on the sale in India. Meanwhile, the SUV segment has diversified largely over the years in […]